Any new account with a completed application along with the required supporting documentation received after 1:00 pm will be scheduled to have water connected the following business day.

Deposits will be refunded to your account after 24 consecutive months of on time payments. Deposits cannot be made online.

I understand that all utility services provided by the Village of Magdalena are governed by Joint Utility Ordinance No. 2017-01, and I agree to abide by its regulations. I understand that this application for services constitutes a contract on the part of the Village of Magdalena to furnish utility services and a contract on the part of the Applicant to pay stipulated rates and fees for such services along with all applicable construction costs.


The application for Utility Service is required if you wish to establish new service with the Village of Magdalena. A copy of a valid photo ID is required to initiate services.

You can fill out the form below and submit your request online, or click on Application for Utilities.pdf to download and print application. You can submit one of the three following ways:

                                       1.) In person at Village Hall located at 108 N. Main Street, Magdalena, NM 87825

                                       2.) By fax at 575-854-2273

                                       3.) By email clerk@villageofmagdalena.com

If you have questions or concerns, you can reach Village Hall at 575-854-2261 or email the Joint Utility Department at utilities@villageofmagdalena.com.

Note that a $125.00 meter deposit for residential ($250.00 for commercial) is required to start services. If application is submitted online, we will hold onto application until deposit is received. We do not accept credit cards for meter deposit, please mail check or money order to:

Village of Magdalena

Attn: New Accounts

PO Box 145

Magdalena, NM 87825